Papahaku Beach Sunset

The morning went as usual... up and ready early, then working on my computer until everyone else woke up. Breakfast was tasty, as always, and we had our morning porch sharing. During this morning porch sharing, my name got brought up. Rikki told about our adventure yesterday in the thicket and how I like to wander off. :) It was all in fun and I thought it was funny.

In the morning, after our porch sharing, we had another learning instruction by Jack. This instruction was about editing our photos using Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. Wave crashing on the rocks at Papahaku BeachI tried using Lightroom a few months ago after seeing Jack on a Sandy Puc tour stop. At that time, I was interested, but didn't have time to really play with it and learn it. During this instruction, I caught a few more techniques I had missed or forgotten since the last time I saw his presentation as well as a few things I'm sure weren't is his previous presentation.

Throughout the afternoon, we had time to just work on all the photos we had taken yesterday... which was a lot. I played with Lightroom and really got to where it was working quickly for me - I think I'm going to like this program. During this time, I also had a few of the other classmates asking me how to do this or that with either their computers or lightroom and I got the chance to help them. Loved that part as well - I always love to be able to help..

By mid-afternoon, we were ready to go to Papahaku Beach for another sunset shoot. Classmate in a breaking wave at Papahaku BeachJack and one of our classmates were actually going to be in the water in the breaking waves getting pictures, while the rest of us would stay up on the beach where it was safer and get pictures of the waves. This was a pretty beach and there were a lot of opportunities to get great wave pictures. We were encouraged to practice with motion blur as well as fast shutter to freeze the waves. I wished I had brought my tripod for the motion blur pictures, but that's one piece of equipment that I didn't bring. I'll remember it next time! I didn't get a lot of great wave pictures, especially compared to others that I saw... but I had a great time on the beach. We had another beautiful sunset, the waves settled down and I got one of my favorite sunset photos of the whole week.Sunset at Papahaku Beach

After dinner tonight, we got to watch Dewitt Jones' newest inspirational movie, Change Your Lens, Change Your Life, and one of his older ones. Dewitt has so many great insights and an awesome outlook on life. He comes up with great analogies and explains himself well. The photos throughout the movies are amazing as well. Just listening to Dewitt throughout the workshop is inspirational. We really should Celebrate What's Right with the World.

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