Natural-Beauty Photography's Family of Websites and Other Links

Natural-Beauty Photography started in 2004 as a side business. I started by taking candid pictures at local school & community events as well as a few weddings. It went over very well, very quickly and I met a lot of great people. These candid photos is something that I continue to do - it's fun and I love meeting so many people. Weddings, I am currently not accepting because I believe weddings take a lot of time (which I don't have right now) and they are something that I prefer to leave to the wedding experts. If I decide to start doing weddings again, I will go to more classes specifically for weddings.

After taking these candid pictures for only a few years, I started having several parents asking me if I take family portraits, senior portraits, etc. I would decline these because I knew there is a big difference between taking candid photos and taking actual portraits. I finally decided that it was time to start doing portraits as well as candids, so I went to Rocky Mountain School of Photography to learn proper lighting for portraits. Natural-Beauty Photography officially started taking portraits in addition to candid photos in 2009. I continue to take courses in person and online constantly.

In 2012, I started another aspect to Natural-Beauty Photography. I felt it was time to start giving back to my community and more. With this decision, Portraits For A Puprose was started. We hold fundraiser portrait parties at the studio a few times a year for different charities. We also offer local organizations a few different options where we will help them raise money.

In 2011, our local custom framing shop retired. We felt this would be a good fit to go with our portrait photography so we inquired and took this business over as well. We renamed it Get Framed, and it has been doing well since. It makes a very nice additional option for our beautiful portraits.

All of our businesses currently work under the umbrella of KawreS SuperStore. KawreS is my original business that I started in 1999. It is mainly a computer sales & service store, but also sells a few other things.

All of these businesses and ventures make up our family of websites.