Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove Sunset

I slept the latest so far since I had been in Hawai'i. I woke up at 4:51.... still before my alarm went off. Another uneventful, but still beautiful morning. I think every morning, I ate breakfast out on the porch. Every night except one, I also slept with my window open. Both the days and nights were always so beautiful the whole time I was in Hawai'i.

The view from Hui Ho'olana's front porchAfter our morning porch sharing, we had a class on hidden features in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Many of them I knew, some of them I had forgotten about or forgotten how to do and a few were new features I didn't know about. I always learn something every time our leaders are teaching us, even if it's something I've heard before. There are so many things to learn, I can never remember them all.

With that being said, our afternoon instruction was about enhancing and embellishing iphone photos with iphone apps. I don't have an iphone, but did see a lot of really cool iphone pictures during this workshop. Even though I can't currently use this information, I've now heard it once so next time it should sink in better. While I was listening, I was also editing... but I still heard most of it. When I do finally switch to a smartphone, I just may have to get an iphone.... it's pretty cool what you can do with them.

Coffees of Hawaii and Gift Shop
Right after lunch, before our next class, I went down the road just a little ways with a couple classmates to a local coffee shop, Coffees of Hawaii. They had an awesome frozen coffee drink, Mocha Mama. We also looked around the gift shop that was in the same building where one of my classmates bought a genuine Hawaiian Ukulele.

Sunset silhouette at Kapuaiwa Coconut GroveAbout mid-afternoon, we headed out for another sunset shoot at Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove again. Even though we had just been there a couple nights ago, I found several new things to take pictures of. This time, I looked around inside and on the street side of the Silhouette after sunset at Kapuaiwa Coconut Grovegrove more than on the ocean side. As sunset came closer, I did wander on to the beach again, but I didn't go out in the water this time. I took a lot of silhouette photos during and after this sunset. During the sunset, it was a really warm orange. Shortly after the sun disappeared, it turned a cool, beautiful blueish/purple color. Tonight were my favorite sunset silhouette photos.

After dinner tonight, a fellow classmate taught us how to do night sky shooting. I have tried this a couple times, but not been real successful. He made it so easy to do and get great images. I only took a couple basic images since, again, I didn't have my tripod to get the shots I would have liked to have tried. He even explained how to do star trails as well. None of us actually tried the star trails since we had a sunrise shoot in the morning, but it's something I will have to try sometime soon.

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